Wednesday, May 15, 2013

high maintenence

I'm ok with being the girl who takes a half hour to do her hair in the morning.

I have friends.....more often than not they are mom friends....who seem oddly proud of the fact that they put no effort into their appearance.

How many conversations have you heard that entail statements like "Oh, there's no way I'm spending a half hour getting ready in the morning!" or "I want a haircut where I can just get out of the shower and go".

And in my head I'm thinking....really? You want to look like that lady that just gave up? That's what you aspire to, walking around Target in ill-fitting, snot stained yoga pants? Your goal is to look like you don't give a shit about yourself? Really?

Don't get me wrong. There is a time and place for everything. I've had my days of dealing with two sick kids till 4am and having to find my way to a pharmacy in my PJs and a baseball cap because my hair was so bad. I've had days where I was just fucking depressed and sad and over it and didn't get out of my ill-fitting yoga pants all day. But those are rare days. Those are the exception, not the norm.

It doesn't seem like a bucking of the system so much as it seems like an "aw, fuck it...I just don't care".

I have friends who give me more than a fair share of shit when they find out how long it takes me to do my hair or who sometimes mock how many pairs of sandals I have.  And I will annoys me that somehow it makes me less of a woman in the eyes of some because I put effort into my appearance.

I'm  never going to be the most put-together lady. I'm a clutz and I spill and I couldn't keep a pair of white shorts clean to save my life. But I'm  still going to do my hair and usually put on some make up and at least try to look like I made an effort.

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