Friday, May 10, 2013

simple as it should be

I have these clients. A very young couple with their first kid. I'm pretty sure they don't have a computer and if they do, they certainly don't spend any time on parenting websites.

They do everything "wrong". They've been putting all kinds of baby food in the bottle since the baby was 3 months old. She sleeps with a big fluffy blanky. And whenever she would toss her binky on the floor, the mom picks it up, sucks the dirt off in her own mouth, and then pops it back in the baby's mouth. Without knowing it, they have been "sleep training" her.....if they put her down for bed, they don't go back in if she's crying and they know she's ok. She has a bit of a runny nose and instead of checking with a doctor, the mom says "well, I heard that's normal for teething, so why waste the $15 co-pay?"

When I first met them, I have to admit....I was a little appalled at all the things they do "wrong" with this baby. I was a little judgey. They'd take her and leave at the end of the day and I'd sit down with my fiance and tsk tsk over whatever stupid thing I saw that day.

But I've noticed something else.

Their little girl is just the happiest little baby I've ever known. And, for as wrong as it is, she sucks down her baby-food laden bottles and is thriving. She's wicked smart and, honestly, seems a little more advanced than a lot of other babies I've known. She goes down for her naps like a champ, cause she knows it's nap time. She doesn't seem to have any weird gas or poop problems.

And something else I've noticed. Her parents are the most chill, relaxed, easy going parents of an infant I've ever know. They clearly ENJOY their little baby so incredibly much. There is very little stress coming from them when it comes to their baby. They just love her so much and love being parents to her.

No one is telling them they are doing it wrong. And they aren't second guessing themselves every five seconds and losing sleep over things they can't control. They don't have a dozen voices each day in their face making them question themselves. They are just doing what feels right and what seems to be making their baby happy and living life and loving their baby.

I mean....what do you think is really worse for a kid in the long run............
Eating baby cereal a month too early? Or spending a good few years living with stressed out, anxious parents who don't enjoy what they are doing?

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